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» » » Dance Moms Season 8
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  • 11 September 2019, 08:08
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Watch Dance Moms Season 8 on Crackle Full Episode

Watch Dance Moms Season 8 on Crackle Movies:, Dance Moms Season 8 crackle, Dance Moms Season 8 crackle movies, Dance Moms Season 8 on Crackle Movies , Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, the series follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and bow...all under the discerning eye of Miller. Seeing the highs and lows surrounding competition season delivers an intriguing and dramatic look at the cast's frantic pursuit of the ultimate National Dance title. Watch Dance Moms Season 8 Online, Dance Moms Season 8 Crackle Movies .
  • Name :

    Dance Moms Season 8

  • Our rating
  • Country :


  • Directed by :

    Abby Lee Miller, Nia Sioux, Holly Frazier

  • Season List : Dance Moms

  • Cast :

    Abby Miller,Maddie Ziegler,Mackenzie Ziegler,Kendall Vertes,

  • Genre :

    TV Show / season / Dance Moms / Drama

  • Time :


Dance Moms Season 8 on Crackle Movies Episode List:

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 1

1. Abby's Big Comeback

Abby finally returns to the competition dance scene in Pittsburgh where her legacy first began; emotions run high and tension builds as Abby hopes her new team of seven strangers can dance together as one.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 2

2. Mommy Dearest

Abby gives two lucky dancers the first solos of the season, leading one mom to explode at competition; the team struggles with a challenging tribal dance; Abby's star dancer cracks under the pressure.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 3

3. The Broadway Brat

Abby challenges the team with her most serious group dance yet, and casts Lilly as the lead for the first time in her ALDC career; when GiaNina complains about her choreography, Abby unleashes her wrath on the Broadway veteran.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 4

4. Choose Wisely

Abby makes a shocking announcement that she's sending someone home; Stacey and Tricia go to war over Abby's star dancer, Brady; when tasked with picking their own duet partners, the young dancers fear that the wrong decision could send them home.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 5

5. Queen of the ALDC

Abby sends one dancer home, changing the future of the ALDC team; a tribute to Queen pushes Brady to his limits; GiaNina dances for her life in a solo rematch with Hannah.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 6

6. Lily’s Ultimatum

With Brady gone, Abby challenges the girls to prove that they can win on their own; GiaNina is assigned an over-the-top character solo to go head-to-head with Sarah, who hopes her first solo can be a personal win for her family.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 7

7. Yolanda's Back

Abby assigns the girls a group dance about sorority hazing; one mother shockingly quits the team when Abby brings back former teammates Yolanda and Elliana as part of a plan to help motivate the girls.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 8

8. A Team on Trial

With a losing streak weighing heavily upon the team's shoulders, fighting between the girls puts the group dance in jeopardy; Abby gives a mini her big shot at joining the team; a duet with GiaNina and Elliana leads to all-out war between two moms.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 9

9. Making a Splash in Pittsburgh

Heading to her first competition in Pittsburgh since her return, Abby challenges the ALDC team with their most daring routine yet; longtime rivals Lilliana and Elliana go head-to-head in famous solos inspired by former ALDC member JoJo Siwa.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 10

10. No More Mamma Drama

Abby blames the mothers for the team's poor record; Abby has her two star dancers go head-to-head to show her who deserves a solo at nationals; when a local rival shows up at competition, Abby calls the police on the mother she thinks is to blame.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 11

11. Hannah Unmasked

Hannah faces her biggest challenge yet when Abby assigns her the lead in the group dance; Elliana and Sarah have a solo showdown; Abby's treatment of Michelle threatens to tear Sarah and Michelle apart; Yolanda threatens to quit the team.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 12

12. 2 Jackets, 4 Dancers

As news spreads of Elliana's shocking departure, Abby challenges the team with a ballet group dance inspired by "The Angry Birds Movie 2," casting GiaNina as the lead; rivalries brew as two duets compete against their partners for ALDC jackets.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 13

13. Abby's Audition

With nationals quickly approaching, the moms lash out when Abby decides to hold an open call audition for a new team member; Pressley and Hannah compete for their shot to perform a solo at nationals; Abby receives devastating news from Los Angeles.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 14

14. The Return of Studio 19

GiaNina and Sarah go head-to-head for their shot at dancing a solo at nationals while the team performs a group routine unlike anything done before; Michelle comes to blows with the other moms; a confrontation at competition sends Abby over the edge.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 15

15. Rise From the Ashes

With only one week until nationals, the pressure is on for the ALDC; Abby choreographs her most personal group dance yet; Brady and Pressley go head-to-head for the chance of dancing solos at nationals; one team member quits unexpectedly.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 16

16. New York Nationals

The ALDC girls give their take on the episode where Abby’s comeback to competitive dance is put to the ultimate test as the ALDC team heads to nationals in New York City. With three solos going head-to-head for the national title, and a musical theater-style group routine based on Broadway’s The Prom, everyone is feeling the pressure. But tensions reach a boiling point when Abby is confronted with the ALDC’s big rival Studio 19.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 17

17. Reunion: Return of the ALDC

After a season jam-packed with mama drama, Jai Rodriquez sits down with the entire cast of "Dance Moms" to right the wrongs and finally set the record straight; the new elite team performs some of their award-winning dances from the season.

Dance Moms Season 8 Episode 18

18. Reunion: Kids Tell All

Jai Rodriquez joins the newest members of the ALDC as they dish the dirt on Abby, the moms, secret crushes and more; the girls give performances of their favorite award-winning dances.

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