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  • 27 August 2019, 18:34
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Watch Ambitions Season 1 on Crackle Full Episode

Watch Ambitions Season 1 on Crackle Movies:, Ambitions Season 1 crackle, Ambitions Season 1 crackle movies, Ambitions Season 1 on Crackle Movies , A woman moves to a new city and finds herself going head to head with the town's most powerful and deceitful players. Watch Ambitions Season 1 Online, Ambitions Season 1 Crackle Movies .
  • Name :

    Ambitions Season 1

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  • Directed by :

    Jamey Giddens

  • Season List : Ambitions

  • Cast :

    Essence Atkins,Robin Givens,Brian J. White,

  • Genre :

    TV Show / Ambitions / season / Drama

  • Time :


Ambitions Season 1 on Crackle Movies Episode List:

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 1

1. Friends & Lovers

A woman moves to a new city and finds herself going head to head with some of the town's most powerful and deceitful players.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 2

2. Woman To Woman

Amara puts Stephanie on notice; Atlanta’s First Lady learns a shocking secret from a rival’s past; Bella makes a bold play to get what she wants; and Rondell meets an intriguing ally in her fight to save her restaurant.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 3

3. Welcome to Birmingham

Stephanie continues her quest to repay Amara; Rondell falls out of favor with Senior, and Bella develops a new strategy.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 4

4. Reap What You Sew

Stephanie and Evan join forces for their own self-interest while Titus embarks on a mission that could jeopardize his entire career.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 5

5. Killing Me Softly

A newcomer to Atlanta carries out a nefarious plan; Stephanie deals from the bottom of the deck to get what she wants.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 6

6. What About Your Friends

Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with at a Women's Empowerment Summit; Bella forges an alliance with Rod.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 7

7. Poison Wine

Stephanie makes an accusation and vows to get revenge; Bella navigates Rod and Evan; Amara forms an unlikely partnership that compels Titus to make questionable moves; Senior suffers a health setback; Carly takes a leap of faith with Lori.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 8

8. Backstabbers

Stephanie and Irene conspire against Rondell; Titus takes matters into his own hands.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 9

9. Giving Up

Stephanie finds a way to put her enemies at bay. The highly anticipated Anniversary Celebration at Thelma's Place ends sooner than expected.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 10

10. Ex-Factor

The Barnes have a big surprise for the Carlisles, forcing Stephanie and Evan to fight fire with fire; Amara receives backlash at work for her prior indiscretions.

Ambitions Season 1 Episode 11

11. A Change is Gonna Come

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